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Welcome to GettingHitched, where quality and design meet affordability and great customer service!   Specialist in creating unique invitations suites for unique couples.  Take a look around at what GettingHitched has got to offer and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

personal SERVICE

I love working with clients to create beautiful, meaningful stationery that is a true reflection of who they are as a couple and how they want their wedding day to be.  Making the first impression for someone's big day is a huge responsibility but I love the challenge and the complete satisfaction of knowing that I got it just right.

My clients come from all over the UK, and working with them remotely is just part of my every day life.  The majority of the time email is all we need, although I am always there to take your calls and for couples who do happen to be local to me, an appointment in person at my home studio can be arranged.

'GettingHitched was such an integral part of our wedding preparation, and we were absolutely delighted with both their quality of their work, and customer service. Tara helped us to design and produce such a wide range of stationary ranging from 'save-the-dates', to invitations, menu's, table name cards, order of services and much much more. We will certainly be recommending her and GettingHitched to our friends and family'

Picking a wedding invitation design from a standard pre-designed range isn't for everyone and the vast majority of the work that I do is working closely with client couples to design their own, unique and personal stationery.  Stationery that speaks to who you are as a couple and the kind of wedding day you want to have.  Whether you are a stout traditionalist or a quirky experimentalist, I will work with you to create exactly the right kind of stationery for you and your wedding.

bespoke DESIGN

Choose to have your stationery designed specifically for you for the ultimate experience of a personalised service.  Great for couples who have a very unique vision for their wedding day.  And it's more affordable than you might think!

You may be wondering if a bespoke service is going to be too expensive for you, especially if you have a limited budget for your wedding stationery.  While it is true that for my bespoke service you will pay a seperate design fee, I do offer discounted rates for the stationery itself to my bespoke clients and often this means that your wedding invitations will cost only slightly more than my ready to buy invitations.

'I cannot recommend GettingHitchedInvites enough! Recommended to me by a friend, my husband and I met with Tara really early on in our wedding planning, because I knew I wanted something bespoke for our three sets of guests within a budget - and I'm so glad we did!

Tara took our loose thoughts on theme, asked a few questions to discover who we were as people and came up with just so many ideas that we adored!! She was very open to feedback, although most of the stationary stayed true to her unique and beautiful designs, and just made us feel really comfortable at every single point of the process.

Drawing and painting have always been a passion and a hobby of mine, so getting to break out the pens and paints to create hand drawn, unique elements for a couples invitations or day-of stationery is both a treat and a priviledge!

bespoke ARTWORK

Using mediums such as digital drawing, pen and ink, watercolours or acrylics I create the imagery to bring your ideas to life. Images and graphics can be drawn or painted by hand and then digitised for printing, which involves either scanning in and cleaning up or digitally redrawing the image using my original artwork as a reference.

Bespoke artwork gives wedding stationery an absolute sense of uniqueness and personality.  Whether it is a simple monogram design to carry across the entire suite, a full background image for double sided peices, a map or a sketched representation of a church or venue, hand drawn elements can add a fine art elegance to your stationery suite.

'Tara! The invitations have just arrived and they are so so beautiful!! Thank you so much – I am utterly thrilled with them – you are the best!'

'We have had such rave reviews about the invitations - thank you so much again!'

One of the joys of a bespoke stationery suite is the opportunity to co-ordinate all your wedding stationery right from the save the dates through to the thank you cards.  Consistency of design across the stationery suite can give your wedding a signature look that helps to tie everything together and make unforgettable memories of your day.


Once the wedding invitation stage is complete and your guests have all been invited and are getting excited, it's time to turn your attention to the day of and venue stationery.  

The paper elements of a wedding day can add to the overall venue decor in different ways.  Want to add a touch of elegance to a rustic theme?  Or maybe add a surprise element of fun and quirkyness to an otherwise traditional venue styling?  You've spent months agonising over decisions and deliberating your choices to get your venue and reception looking and feeling perfect for you and your guests.  My job is to create day-of stationery that perfectly enhances all that hard work and planning.

'I ordered my wedding stationary from Getting Hitched. I had very specific things that I wanted and when explaining to Tara she completely understood and in many cases suggested things that we preferred more than our own ideas. We got loads of complements from our guests with some even saying our invitations were the best they've ever seen! Couldn't be happier and can not recommended Getting Hitched enough!!!'

Keeping as many of my processes as in-house as possible - right down to making the envelopes myself - gives me creative control over the quality of the materials that I use to make up your bespoke stationery items.  This means you are assured of the highest quality feel and finish, for every element in your stationery suite.  

quality and CHOICE

I source only the highest quality card and paper stocks from reliable and well known manufacturers.  This allows me to offer you a huge range of colours and textures and so much versatility when putting together your stationery suite.  

Some card stocks work better in certain situations than others and I carefully match up the right materials with the design for each job.  I will always offer you the best quality option that suits the print method used.  Envelopes are made with 130gsm paper and are made in-house so that printed designs can be extended to them too if required.  There is a huge range of colours available and some beautiful whites too!

'We have received the mass booklets they are literally perfect and so different. Thank you soooooo much and thanks for everything. You have been totally amazing and have made this all so much easier for me from the beginning.

Would have been lost without your help.

I will certainly be recommending you to anyone who's looking for wedding stationery.'

Modern digital print is, of course, an absolutely necessary printing service that I offer, and some designs just have to be printed digitally on my Canon printers.  However, I am passionate about traditional printing methods and encourage my clients to explore these hand print processes wherever possible.

printing OPTIONS

I am a specialist in letterpress printing, with my own letterpress machine in my studio.  This traditional print method gives a truly unique and hand made quality to your wedding stationery and remains highly sought after even if the face of modern printing techniques..

Hand in hand with letterpress, I also offer traditional stamping which when combined with heat embossing (thermography) achieves some fabulous raised text finishes.  Letterpress plates and clear stamps are designed and manufactured specifically for each client couple and then stamped or pressed onto the selected card stock.  You really can't get more individual and handmade than that!

'Tara - thank you!! I absolutely loved every element of our stationary and will treasure it for years to come! We had so much feedback about how stunning it was, from save the date through to the on the day stationary. Our day wouldn't have been what it was without your creativity and hard work and I cannot thank you enough!!!

For anyone considering using GettingHitchedInvites - do it! You will NOT be disappointed!!'

If you don't think that bespoke design is for you, I do offer a range of ready to buy invitations and stationery, currently available in my Etsy shop. Feel free to have a browse and see if there is anything that suits.

off-the-shelf STATIONERY

I have a range of designs available in my Etsy shop that can be purchased and personalised for your wedding.  These designs can also be used as the basis for a bespoke design if you like certain elements but would like a different format. 

All my ready to buy invitations are digitally printed on the same highest quality card and paper as my bespoke invitations.  They all come with kraft envelopes as standard but you can request a different colour should you prefer.

'I just wanted to say thank you!!!! I absolutely love our save the dates, they're exactly what I wanted. Just perfect!'