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Colour Choice

Colour, colour everywhere...but which one should I choose...?

Each design in my Etsy Shop, GETTINGHITCHEDOUTLET, comes with a few of the most popular colour options. for both the card stock that the invitations are printed on and the font that the text is printed in.

If you would like one of the designs from my collection but wish to add specialist card, like glitter card or metallic card or a non standard card colour, then that would switch you over into a bespoke design so that I can quote you appropriately for those changes. (For those of you whose eyes lit up at the mention of glitter card, please understand that as gorgeous as it is, it doesn't come cheap!  Keep you expectations in line with your budget...and remember a little bit of glitz can go a long way!)

The colours of card available are vast (that image you see up there...that's just one of my swatch packs from one of my suppliers!) and sometimes that can make choosing difficult.  

Why?  Well, in my experience two reasons...either there will be more than one colour you like and you will find it hard to pick between them or the colour you envisage just isn't quite there and you feel disappointed.  If this happens, my advice is not to worry, just stick to a neutral palette for the card stock and use the font and other printed elements to bring in the colour you have your heart set on!

Unsure about your colour choice and need advice?  Just hop on to that NEED HELP button up there and let me know how I can be of assistance.