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I provide a customizable design service, but you may be wondering what that means, exactly. Well, it means that I produce wedding invitations and stationery in a range of designs, taking into account different wedding themes and current wedding trends.  I also have a portfolio of past designs that you are welcome to choose from.  Most of these designs come with a range of options, that you can customise to your needs, such as colours of card, fonts and motifs (if applicable)  Equally you may want something that is completely unique, and for that you would need my bespoke design service.  Please remember that designing unique wedding stationery from scratch is time consuming so you can expect that there will be an additional cost element.  If none of my current range of invitations is quite right and you want something tailor made, just click on that 'Make Mine Bespoke' link up there on the top menu bar.


I offer a range of shapes of invitation that forms the backbone of the wedding invitation set.  These are:




There is enormous variation that can be achieved within these basic shapes of invitation.  For example a pocketfold may open like a book - to the side or it may open from the top.  A flat invitation may be portrait, landscape, dl, square or rectangular.  The shape will also depend a lot on what other elements come with the invitations, such as additional information inserts and RSVP cards.  Once you know what you need along with your budget, you can select a design in the shape that would work bes for you.  


I design monograms and other unique motifs to be used throughout the wedding stationery sets I design.  These elements add unity to the overall set in addition to making your stationery a wonderful keepsake for you, family and friends.  I also create bespoke patterns and hand painted/drawn elements.  I retain the right to use any motif or design element in other projects.

Often a client will send me images of a wedding invitation that they particularly like and ask if I can make something to match.  This is entirely possible but it is important to note that I will not directly use someone else's design, rather I will create my own interpretation of it.  This is important because as a designer I respect other peoples work and any copyright that exists on such work.  I will however use design elements not subject to copyright or elements such as fonts which I have legitimately purchased, directly, where required.

Occassionally, my clients will have an artist freind who would like to contribute to the stationery by providing a hand drawn or painted element.  I am more than happy to incorporate these images into my work.  There is a small fee of £25 for formatting the 3rd party image so that I can work with it.  Please remember that it is always nice to credit the artist, if at all possible, somewhere on the stationery.