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I provide a bespoke design service, but you may be wondering what that means, exactly. Well, it means that I produce wedding invitations and stationery that is designed to my customers specifications rathe than just plugging in their information into a template that has already been designed. Yes, I do have a portfolio of past designs that you are welcome to choose from or you might like something but want it changed in a small way. Equally you may want something that is completely unique, and it is this type of work that I do most.  


I offer a range of shapes of invitation that forms the backbone of the wedding invitation set.  These are:





There is enormous variation that can be achieved within these basic shapes of invitation.  For example a wallet fold may open like a book - to the side or it may open from the top.  A flat invitation may be portrait, landscape, dl, square or rectangular.  Deciding the shape you require will also depend a lot on what other elements you may need to be part of your invitations, such as additional information inserts and RSVP cards.  Once I know what you need along with your budget, I can recommend the shape that would work best.  


I design monograms and other unique motifs to be used throughout your wedding stationey.  These elements add unity to the overall set in addition to making your stationery a wonderful keepsake for you, family and friends.  I also create bespoke patterns and hand painted/drawn elements.  I retain the right to use any motif or design element  in other projects.

Often a client will send me images of a wedding invitation that they particularly like and ask if I can make something to match.  This is entirely possible but it is important to note that I will not directly use someone else's design, rather I will create my own interpretation of it.  This is important because as a designer I respect other peoples work and any copyright that exists on such work.  I will however use design elements not subject to copyright or elements such as fonts which I have legitimately purchased, directly, where required.

Occassionally, my clients will have an artist freind who would like to contribute to the stationery by providing a hand drawn or painted element.  I am more than happy to incorporate these images into my work.  There is a small fee of £25 for formatting the 3rd party image so that I can work with it.  Please remember that it is always nice to credit the artist, if at all possible, somewhere on the stationery.