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Happy New Year!

By Tara Slater posted January 1, 2020
So, 2020 is here and boy did it turn up fast!  I swear I only blinked and 2019 was just gone!  For everyone who is getting married this year, 2020 is going to be very busy I know, so I'm going to be working hard to give you all the help I can.  I have a whole bunch of informative blogs planned out, so stay tuned.....and Happy New Year to everyone!

A new year means new trends and new ideas and 2020 will be no different.  Keeping up with the world of wedding stationery is very much like keeping up with fashion.  There are always the classics, that never get old, there will be a shake up in what colours are most popular for each season in the year and then there will be those few trends that just go viral and you'll see everywhere you look.  Think geodes, acrylic and rose gold foil and you'll know what I mean!

As a bespoke stationery designer I  follow the current trends in order to offer them to my clients.....but I don't like getting too bogged down in them.  Being fashionable is great, if that's who you are, but weddings are so personal that I believe your stationery design should reflect you both as a couple regardless of whether that happens to be the latest thing trending on Pinterest.

"Styles come and go.  Good design endures"

So, when you are sitting with your feet tucked up on the couch, cup of tea in one hand... phone in the other scrolling through the vast range of invitation options available to you, keep in mind that current style trends are just that...trends.  They aren't permanent, they shift and change and quite often cycle back around on themselves every few decades.  If this year they don't happen to reflect much about what you love and who you are...don't worry, that situation is a perfect example of what bespoke design is for!  Styles come and go but good design endures.  It's the job of a bespoke stationer, like me, to do our utmost to create beautiful, meaningful designs that reflect our clients own unique pesonal style and therefore are never out of fashion!  Happy New Year!.

Welcome to the GettingHitched blog!

By Tara Slater posted November 14, 2019
You found me!  Great!  I'm so glad to get the chance to share all my advice and tips for everything wedding stationery with you so I hope you bookmark this page and come back to me regularly.  A great way to get all my free tips and advice is to follow me on Facebook as I will be posting links to each article there.

With over ten years working in the wedding stationery industry I have learned LOTS....and I mean LOTS and LOTS about the ins and outs of the stationery world, from planning to etiquette to budgeting...the works!  And right here is where I plan to share that information with you, so that you can make decisions with confidence and feel assured that you are exactly where you need to be with planning your wedding.

Most wedding stationers will tell you (and I am no different) that having the right invitations and stationery for your event can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your wedding day.  Your stationery should enhance all the other finely planned details, complimenting your other choices and making it that much more of a stand out event.  Having your stationery designed for you...a process referred to as bespoke design or custom probably the best way to achieve a perfect fusion with the other elements of your day.  Having said that, some couples prefer to choose from a range of designs that are then personalised for them....there is certainly no shortage of choice available out there! 

Then again....sometimes that vast range of choice itself can become a problem.  With so many designs from so many sellers, it can often become difficult to pin yourself down to just one design that you love.  You spend weeks or even months changing your mind from one thing to another, second guessing yourself in the search for perfection. find many invitations that are nearly there, but nothing that is just quite right.  Believe me when I tell you that if you have fallen down the pinterest rabbit hole in the search for the perfect invitations and lost whole are not alone!  That's why bespoke design is such a good option, and not just for couples with big budgets.  

"The truth is that a good designer will work within whatever budget you have"

It's a myth that bespoke design is only for those with large budgets, pure and simple.  The truth is that a good designer, whether it be me or someone else, will work within whatever budget you have.   Sure, sometimes that might mean having to tell you that you can't get everything you want...but it doesn't discount that you can still have something you love absolutely.

Now, if your stationery budget is absolutely tiny and wedding stationery is very low down on your priority list, then sure it's going to make going bespoke a tough choice, but in all honesty on a tiny budget you are going to face limits even when buying off-the-shelf. In this instance, if you could not revisit your budget and release more funds, I would point you in the direction of a large online print house that offers budget rates for invitations or perhaps doing an e-invite.  Many people would maybe think that going the DIY route would be a good choice for couples with little to no budget but whilst I encourage you to explore your creativity there are hidden costs involved and you should go into it having done your research, with eyes open and the true costs in both money and time clearly spelled out up front.

I'm going to be writing more about budgets, how to set them and what is realistic, in another article but for now just know that it doesn't have to be make or break, and a small budget doesn't automatically rule out getting bespoke invitations. I believe in being perfectly transparent about cost when it comes to taking on a design project. My design fee is not rolled into the cost of the stationery itself, instead you get an invoice for the design fee payable before I start work, and at the same time an estimate for the stationery itself. It's an estimate at this stage because your numbers might change or you might add or subtract items over the course of the design process. Separating the design fee out like this allows me to be able to get to work quickly, to do all the necessary research and to get your proofs to you inside an agreed apon timeframe. It also means that at the end of the design process you are not obligated to have me produce the wedding stationery for you.

What does that mean? It means that once you have given proof approval you can choose to find your own printer to complete the job, should you wish to. I simply email you all the print files, as print ready PDF's and off you go. This route often means that there will be some assembly required on your part but this can be a great excuse to get together with bridesmaids over a few glasses of wine and a joyful evening spent putting it all together. Of course, if you choose to have me make the stationery as well as design it.....that's great, I am really happy to do that for'll get everything fully assembled, ready to go. I can even print all your names and addresses and I offer a disounted rate for bespoke clients. Happy days!

So, I think you will agree that whether you choose an off-the-shelf design or go the bespoke design route, you have lots of very viable options. If you would like to know more about how I can help you, or you would like to receive a completely no-obligation estimate for a bespoke design, please get in touch either by using the contact form or by emailing I can't wait to see what we create together!