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I am happy to provide the following services, which can be purchased at the full order stage.

Guest names on invitations - £35

If you' rather have me print your guest names directly onto the wedding invitations rather than writing them in by hand.  A full list of guest names in either a word document, an excel document or email wll be required at the print proof stage.

Posting envelope name and address printing - £35

Choose this option if you would like to have your guests address printed on your posting envelopes.  Envelopes are printed using the same fonts as used for your wedding inviations, so match perfectly.  A full list of Names and Addresses in either a word document, an excel document or by email will be required at the print proof stage.

Full printing service (names on invitations, name and address on envelopes, names on any further stationery supplied at a later date i.e. place name cards, tags) - £60

If you would like both the Names on your inviations and the Names and Addresses on the posting envelopes printed by me, this is the option

to go for.  This option also includes any names that may need printing on stationery ordered at a later date for instance, place name cards.

Express service - for orders required within 21 days - £35

For orders that are needed urgently, I offer this express service.  This fee covers additional costs such as next day delivery from my suppliers etc..  Please contact me if you need any stationery within 14 days as although I offer this service, it does not necessarily mean I can actually complete every order in this timeframe.  For instance, it may be possible to get Order of Service Booklets printed within 5 days, whereas it is unlikely that a large of invitations could be complete within that time.

Third Party Image Processing - £25

If you have a friend or relative who is an artist and has provided you with an image you would like incorporated into your stationery, there is a small fee that covers the time required to clean up that image and format is so that I can work with it within my software.  This process does not change the image at all, but removes any unnecessary background etc from the image.